Wednesday, January 12, 2011

de hantaran

.pastel love..

actually da bride request on combination of white and grey
but since their invitation card  in sweet pink n purple i suggest  
 to combine both colour to make de hantaran. more sweet..  
sweet pink and dark grey are really work when it combine together..
this creation still using satin ribbon cause i think simple is nice..

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cloud for ring
de hantaran for the akad nikah


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

everything start here..

this idea comes after i' ve resign from being part ime wedding planner for my sister..i prepared eveythings for her..this da moment that i;ve been waiting for.. since i was young girl.. i only be a 'penonton. of young adult made the 'hantaran' but now i made it by myself on my own creation and idea...not to forget.. it combine with my sis idea too.. hee.. soo take a look my very first touch..its still have imperfection..but this is my baby..